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Humans and Microbes: a fascinating relationship in the light of biotechnological innovation and translational research

Submission deadline: 31 October 2022
Special Issue Editors
Luigi Santacroce, MD
Department of Interdisciplinary Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Bari, Bari, Italy
Interests: Human Microbiota; Probiotics; Nutraceuticals; Essential Oils; Oncology; Regenerative Medicine; Stem Cells; History of Medicine
Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Humans have evolved intimate symbiotic relationships with a consortium of microbes (microbiota and microbiome). Individual variations in the microbiota/microbiome influence host health, have been implicated in the etiology of various diseases and can affect drug metabolism, toxicity, and efficacy.

However, the molecular basis of these microbe-host interactions and the roles of individual bacterial species are still unclear.

This Special Issue seeks research papers on various aspects related to the emerging field of identification of potentially important associations between changes of bacterial community structure and dynamics of host metabolic patterns that can be used to develop new and existing hypotheses on the relationships between dysbiosis and disease, and the role of biotechnological innovation and translational research.

We especially encourage the submission of interdisciplinary and multi-country collaborative research. We welcome submissions of original research papers using different study designs and critical and relevant reviews, including systematic reviews and meta-analyses, methodological papers, and manuscripts that emphasize theoretical content.

Prof. Dr. Luigi Santacroce

Guest Editor

Comparative Genomics
Translational Regulation
Biotechnological Display System
Chemical Post Translational Modification
Gene/Cell Therapy
Regenerative Medicine
Drug Discovery
Applied Pharmacology
Peptide Library
Microbiota Modulation
Antibiotic Resistance
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